1. Who medlypharmacareusa are?

Ans – Our website address is https://medlypharmacareusa.com/

  1. What type of personal data our pharmacy store needs and why?

Ans – Visitors Comments

  • When any user visits our website and leaves a comment there then our online store has a dedicated team who handles and gathers all comments data. Also, we focus on the user’s IP address along with browser agent strings to know about any spam detection. 


  • Avoid embedded location data (EXIF GPS) in case anyone is uploading images on the website. This allows clients to download and get all location data just by using these website images.


  • If anyone willing users mention their comments on our website then they select their name, email address, and cookies of the website. These facilities are provided for our users because they do not have to fill all such again and again. It will maximum last for 1 year.
  • In case one visits our login page we provide a temporary cookie. These cookies close and segregate all details when you leave a website.
  • These sites offer and save 2nd cookies in case one is making some changes like editing, and publishing some relevant information.
  1. We Share your data but with whom?

Ans – We do not believe in sharing any of your details with any third person which build trsust with our potential buyers. But, if a visitor requests a password reset then their IP address will involve in the reset email password.

  1. How long we keep your data?

Ans – The comments as well as their metadata are kept indefinitely. It is the way we can identify and favour automatically any follow-up comments in place of keeping them in the queue.

  1. Where visitor data refer?

Ans – The user’s comment may be analysed through an ASDS that is commonly called automated spam detection service.